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FirstMagic is a publishing platform for FirstClass that makes it easy to create and distribute Websites, Blogs, and Digital Signs  - easy to set up, easy to distribute, and easy to administrate.

A FirstMagic site requires no coding - all you need is basic familiarity with FCWS or the FirstClass Client. Web pages are regular Documents, Containers, Calendars, PodCasts and Messages.

A site will look like anything you can imagine. Use the~SkinDesigner~to make a personal designonly~by point-and-click, select a built-in Skin - or write CSS freely.

FirstMagic Skins are compact, powerful stylesheets you can write by hand or have generated automatically. FirstMagic also ships with 61 unique, built-in, ready-to-use Skins.

Drop in your own Containers and Documents~and FirstMagic generates pages, headers, menus, sidebars, footers, tickers, galleries - even the Homepage itself - dynamically.

Use your existing FirstClass content exactly as is, or mix it with FirstMagic Layouts to publish Blogs, Galleries, Multimedia Channels, Portfolios, Digital Signs... It´s Drag-and-Drop simple.
Make custom Web Response Forms~on the fly: no FC Designer, no coding, no Perl or PHP. Point-and-click to create your fields, and publish immediately - your form fits perfectly where you drop it.

Need to add an existing FirstClass Workflow? Add any custom FCIS Templates Set to FirstMagic: it will recognize it, and automatically forward clicks where you want them to go
Plug-and-Play Social Media~- ready-made Widgets for Facebook, Twitter, Disqus, Flickr and much more... Just drop them where you want them. Or use native FirstMagic Live Chats and Comments.

Open Graph is integrated. So is options for YouTube, Google Translate, Maps, Analytics - and other Statistics packages.
Allow anybody, anywhere~- on any platform - to embed your Posts, PodCasts, Videos and Photo Albums in their own websites, simply by grabbing aFirstMagic Tag~from your pages

Push your content to iTunes, to RSS Readers, to third-party Apps and Calendars - even onto other web publishing solutions.
Quick Features Overview
Extensive Editor Support
A wide range of software options makes it easy to maintain your FirstMagic Website from any platform: OSX, Windows, Linux, IOS, Android, Blackberry. FirstMagic fully supports:

  • FCWS and FCIS - use any modern web browser
  • FirstClass GO - use Android, IOS and Windows Phone devices
  • The FirstClass Desktop Client - use Windows, OSX and Linux
Edit and publish with your toool of choice: use any or all of the options above. Publishing from third-party e-mail and calendaring solutions is supported, too; for example, you can publish web pages with gmail, or maintain Digital Signs from your own device´s Calendar.
Web Container Layouts
  • Container types that are themselves specialized web pages: where a regular folder is a plain list, a Layout is a stylized Blog, Gallery, PodCast channel, School Project, Portfolio...
Web Page Templates
  • Special-purpose Web Pages, Pop-Ups, configurable Response Forms, PodCasts and Videos, Personal Homepages...
Homepage Modes
  • Make the Homepage a Blog, a Media Portal or a Splash Screen - or group any number of documents, uploads, calendars and containers into a Homepage: it can be anything...
  • Place the site in Login Mode and use Privilege Groups to give authenticated users personalized Homepages.
  • The Accessibility Toolbar enables visually impaired visitors to tweak contrasts, fonts and sizes.
  • If the site has a Tingwo subscription, visitors can listen to the web pages like PodCasts. Audio is not canned - it is generated in realtime.
  • Navigate the site in Print Mode and touch-friendly Mobile Mode.
  • Make responsive designs, and your site will fit on any device automatically. FirstMagic ships with a wide selection of pre-built Responsive Designs ready for use.
  • FirstMagic URLs are human-readable text links - not cryptic FirstClass object IDs.
Context-sensitivity Made Simple
  • Assign any object to any other: Display Container A in the Sidebar of Web Page B...
Widgets Anywhere
  • Drop widgets where you want them to appear. Need a live chat in the website footer? Put it in the Footer Container. A Search box in the Header? It goes in the Menu. A weather forecast in your Digital Sign? Drop it into the Calendar...
Connect and Share
  • FirstMagic Widgets makes embedding Skype, Google Translate, Maps, Statistics, Disqus, Twitter, Flickr and Facebook services a simple plug-and-play operation.
  • Allow Sharing, and any visitor can embed your content anywhere, import your calendars, subscribe to your audio and video in iTunes, re-publish your feeds and Gallery thumbnails...
Built-in SkinDesigner
  • Choose between 61 unique, built-in themes.
  • Make custom Skins by point-and-click in a visually responsive SkinDesigner - directly on the pages: browse the pages while designing the site.
  • SkinDesigner Skins can be exported to real stylesheets with a single click.
  • Write custom Skins in CSS with any CSS or text editor, and see the results in realtime while you work.
Develop Your Own Solutions
  • Add your own FC templates and FirstMagic will recognize and use them as part of itself.
  • Dynamically inject your own HTML into the rendering engine and rewire anything.
Language Support
  • Sites are native to all languages the server supports. The Editor interface is localized to Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish.

FirstMagic 3.2

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